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Two New Companies Could Bring 1,800 Jobs To Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 31 Aug 2011 06:06pm | comments
Mississippi Capitol

Mississippi lawmakers will return to Jackson tomorrow to consider issuing 175-million dollars in bond to bring two new companies to the state. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that both companies work in high-tech manufacturing.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Governor Haley Barbour issued a news release explaining that two companies are interested in setting up shop in Mississippi....if the legislature approves 175-million dollars in bond during a special session on Friday.

The release said HCL Cleantech.....a company that converts biomass to sugars that can be utilized as industrial bioproducts.....and Calisolar, which produces silicon products....want to bring their companies and nearly 18-hundred jobs to the state.

Calisolar is considering moving to Columbus, and Joe Max Higgins with the development group Columbus-Lowndes Link says company has the potential to bring more than 900 jobs to the area.

"There will be people from probably six, seven or maybe eight neighboring counties that will routinely go to work here. That is what we see in our park. We are just as likely to have somebody from Noxubee County, or somebody from Clay County, or somebody from Monroe County working out in that park, as to have somebody from Lowndes County," Higgins said.

Calisolar has been communicating with Higgins and Columbus for over a year while deciding whether to move the factory to Mississippi or Ohio.

"One of the main drivers we saw in this project was power availability, power cost and not just power availability but power reliability. And the fact that we have out in our park very redundant reliable electrical infrastructure, we think gave us a leg up on a lot of other communities," Higgins said.

HCL Cleantech is expected to bring roughly 800-jobs and would set up its head quarters in Olive Branch and build three large-scale commercial plants in Booneville, Hattiesburg and Natchez.


Mississippi Capitol



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