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Two More Men Plead Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charges

By Daniel Cherry | Published 04 Dec 2012 10:25pm | comments
Two Mississippi men are facing up to 15 years in prison for their role in a string of hate crimes against African Americans in Jackson. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, the two men pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court.
Jonathan Kyle Gaskamp and William Kirk Montgomery entered guilty pleas in a federal court in downtown Jackson yesterday to two counts of hate crime charges...conspiracy to commit a hate crime and commission of a hate crime. The two men accompanied other Rankin County teens in violent acts that eventually led to James Craig Anderson being run down in a parking lot. Here's Anderson's sister, Barbara Anderson Young.
"It was just devastating to know that someone could do such a vile thing to someone. And my brother was such a good person..."
Gaskamp and Montgomery are now the fourth and fifth men to plead guilty to hate crime charges in the case. For three months in 2011 several white teens drove around Jackson in the early morning hours targeting and physically assaulting African Americans. Young says hearing the accounts of the case bring memories rushing back of what happened to her brother.
"This is very difficult to have to do through that. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but we have to go through these things to be where we need to be. And we're still once again seeking justice."
Anderson's family and outraged citizens have been calling for additional arrests in the case. Winston Thompson is the Anderson family attorney. He says this is big step, but the family is seeking others to be brought to justice.
"There are three other individuals that were involved that have not either pled guilty or been indicted. So we want those individuals, if they don't come in to plead guilty then we fully expect the government is going to pursue them."
Both men will be sentenced at a later date. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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