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Two Mississippi Congressmen Clash Over ‘Jobs Bill’

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 07 Nov 2011 05:56pm | comments
Benny Thompson.

Two of Mississippi's US Congressman are weighing in on some of the most important national issues of the day. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that there is the predictable partisan divide but also some common ground.

Both 2nd district Congressman Benny Thompson and 3rd district representative Greg Harper are reacting to the biggest issues facing to the country.

Both men were in Jackson Monday.

While touring a habitat for humanity home in South Jackson, Thompson called on congress to do more to pass proposals that President Obama claims will help the economy recover.

"There are a lot of people in this country who want to work but they are having difficulty finding it. One of the challenges we have in Washington is how do we create the impetus for job creation and that is what President Obama is trying to do," Thompson said.

Harper spoke at a Stennis Press Luncheon in downtown Jackson and dismissed the jobs plan as a repeat of the stimulus plan from 2009.

"Which was supposed to keep the unemployment rate from going up to above 8%, which we did and it ended up going up to above 10%. We have tried this. It did not work," said Harper.

While the two men differ on the what it will take to improve the employment outlook, they agree with the plans to draw down nearly all of the rest of our troops stationed in Iraq.

Thompson says the time is right to end the war.

"The war has cost a tremendous amount of money. We have lost 4500 lives. Very few people even talk about the war. So it is not really on the public's radar screen and it is time to bring them home," Thompson said.

Harper thinks there have been many improvements in Iraq, but says only time will tell if the draw down was appropriate.

"We don't know if it is the time until we are out. And depending on how it goes in the six months after that we will know if it was the time. I am not sure that I would go beyond that at this point," Harper said.

The agreement comes as both representatives expressed concern about a lack of bi-partisan action in Washington.





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