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Tuition in Mississippi is Getting More Expensive

By Paul Boger | Published 22 Nov 2013 08:08am | comments
The cost of a college degree is getting more expensive in Mississippi. MPB's Paul Boger reports the College Board gave the final okay to raise tuition at the state's public universities.
At a College Board meeting yesterday, five of Mississippi's eight public universities received approval to raise tuition as much as 5 percent per year between now and 2016.
Carolyn Meyers is the President of Jackson State University. She says the increase in tuition is need to give students a quality education.
"You need more faculty, more staff, and with any number of students you always in today's world need resources to upgrade facilities, instructional tools and strategies and programs, curricular and co-curricular because we live in a world of rapid change." said Meyers.
Jackson State finds itself in the middle of the pack by upping tuition 4 percent. While the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State will both raise tuition by 5 percent a year; pushing the annual cost of attendance above $7,000.
Mark Keenum is the President of Mississippi State. He says an education in Mississippi is still relatively  inexpensive compared to other states.
"When you look at our peers, the universities that we are directly measured against, we're 2000, 3000 and in some cases even 4000 dollars less than our peers." said Keenum. "I thinks it's a wonderful bargain for our students."
Mississippi State Student Government President Michael Hogan says he's not happy about the rate increases, but he does understand why they have to happen.
"No, it's not something that we want to happen, but even with the increase, the level of education we are getting it's still a bang for your buck." said Hogan. "At first it'll take a little getting used to and some convincing, but I think our students are mature  in the fact that we know that nothing comes free and this is a product paying for."
Not every school will increase tuition, Delta State and Mississippi Valley will keep tuition at current levels, while the Mississippi University for Women will actually decrease its tuition in 2015.




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