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Mississippi Assesses Damage From Tropical Storm Lee

By Rhonda Miller | Published 07 Sep 2011 12:33am | comments
John Albert Evans, Deputy Emergency Management Director for Hancock County, left, and Director Brian Adam, assess damage in Waveland from Tropical Storm Lee.

As Mississippi dries out from the soaking left by Tropical Storm Lee, MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports counties across the state are doing damage assessment.  

On the beach in Waveland, Hancock County Emergency Manager Brian Adam is examining a long stretch of coastline. The road along the beach was under water for several days during Tropical Storm Lee. Now the beach is littered with seaweed and other debris.

"We’re finding some tarballs. What we’re doing today is, with the Department of Environmental Quality, doing a beach assessment ," Adam said. "And we have the BP shoreline containment assessment team coming from the other way and doing a survey also, so we’ll meet in the middle and discuss what we’ve seen."

Crews across the state are surveying roads, bridges and buildings.  Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Mike Womack says, out of 82 counties in the state, so far 29 have reported damage from the storm.

"And the most unfortunate circumstance was the individual that lost his life after his vehicle was flooded in Tishomingo County," Womack said.

Aside from that tragedy, Womack says there was fairly light damage throughout the state.

"Numerous structures that had a small amount of floodwaters in them. Many, many roads that were closed for a period of time. But very little major damage," Womack said. "There were a few structures that were damaged by either by high winds or tornadoes."

Tornadoes were reported in half a dozen counties. National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Revitte is studying the damage near Saucier in Harrison County.

"When I look at this damage it’s very narrow, and then I go up antoher quarter of a mile, there’s another road that crosses it, there’s a very similar damage path," Revitte said.  

Revitte’s conclusion is a weak tornado touched down intermittently along a three-and-a-half-mile path. Damage assessment of beaches, roads and neighborhoods will continue for the next several days.






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