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Toyota to Start in Late Fall, New Supplier in Sherman

By Sandra Knispel | Published 14 Sep 2011 08:57pm | comments
Phyliss Moore is hoping for more business at her Big "R" Drive-In once the new Toyota supplier starts business in Sherman.

While Toyota is already test building its Corolla model and getting ready to start production in Blue Springs later this Fall, yet another supplier announced he’s coming to northeast Mississippi. As MPB’s Sandra Knispel reports, the so-called “Toyota factor” has widespread repercussions for the area…

 The Big “R” Drive-In in Sherman is really just a tiny corrugated metal building from where owner Phyliss Moore and her husband sell lunch, mostly hamburgers and ice cream. Small business owners like the Moores have felt the delay in Toyota’s production start.

“We had the Moore’s City Café that’s downtown but we closed it ‘til Toyota picks up.” Reporter: “And now you’re waiting for Toyota to start production?”  “I sure am,” Moore laughs. “They are supposed to start a new plant right in here behind us.” Reporter: “And so you’re banking on extra business for you because of that?” “Yes, m’am, sure I am,” Moore says. “We also do delivery to Toyota because they don’t have a lot of time to eat so we deliver out there, too.”

The new Toyota supplier that Moore is referring to is called KC Integrated Services, a logistics company with a facility right here in Sherman. 

“They’ve committed to a 100 people within three years at this new location and they’ll be well-paying jobs. Many of them will be truck drivers," says Randy Kelley, director of Three Rivers Planning and Development District. Toyota’s economic impact goes well beyond the jobs created directly at by the Japanese carmaker and its suppliers.

“You know, you’re easily looking at six to 7,000 jobs base jobs in the next three to four years and even the most conservative economist will say three service jobs for every base job," says Kelley. So, you’re looking at 18,000 potential new jobs in this region in the next three to four years.”

Meanwhile, Toyota Mississippi spokeswoman Emily Wileman-Holland confirms the carmaker is right on track with hiring and construction at its fourteenth North American plant:

“The line-off ceremony will take place later this fall after we begin production and [the] line-off ceremony is really a celebration that we hold to commemorate the first car produced by our facility.”

Good news that the region has been patiently waiting for.

Sandra Knispel, MPB News.





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