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Top Miss. Republican Points Out Challenges for GOP

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 14 Aug 2013 08:10am | comments

The chairman of Mississippi's Republican Party is headed to Boston today for the summer meeting of the Republican National Committee.  Chairman Joe Nosef believes the party should moderate its message without giving up core principals.

Nosef is flying to Boston today to help plan the future direction of the party on a state and national level.

He says some GOP candidates have set the party as whole back by saying what he calls 'stupid things' about controversial issues, specifically about rape and abortion.

 "Whether we are talking about pro-life issues, immigration or whatever.  We have to be able to defend those and promote those policies in a way that doesn't bring up a bunch of other issues that don't have anything to do with it and offending everybody across the country along the way," Nosef said.

 Nosef believes that the party can hang onto core principals that motivate its conservative base without alienating women and minority voters that are increasingly key to winning national elections.

 The GOP chairman says the Tea Party wing of the Republican party is vital to success but that the national party is taking steps now to learn from its 2012 presidential loss to expand that base.

 "Look, we have got our challenges ahead of us and that is why, as a party, we have got to do better in a variety of voting groups. Really, all of them," Nosef said.

 On a state level, Nosef says he proud of the direction the Mississippi Republican Party is going.

 He expects to hold onto the state House and Senate during the 2015 state elections, as well as target Attorney General Jim Hood who is the only statewide elected Democrat.

 Nosef says the recent tough fight over Medicaid Expansion shows that Mississippi Republicans are united.

 "All of our people voted for reauthorization. We had one person who said they might vote for expansion. But you compare that to Arkansas and Arizona and even Texas and some of these other states, I think that is an example of unity," Nosef said.

 Nosef also weighed in on one of the most talked about Mississippi Congressional seats, saying he expects Senator Thad Cochran to run for a seventh term in 20-4.





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