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Texas Governor Rick Perry Visits Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 17 Nov 2011 06:58pm | comments
Texas Governor Rick Perry

Mississippi is getting the attention of one of the candidates to be the Republican nominee for president. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry is in the Magnolia state looking for cash and voter support.

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry is looking to rebuild momentum for his campaign for president with the help of Mississippians.

Perry addressed the media at the Jackson-Evers International Airport in Jackson yesterday, saying he made several campaign stops around the state.

"Columbus, down in Pass Christian and back in Jackson. We are not only raising a little money, we are raising some great support. So this is a good state for us," Perry said.

Perry also weighed in on the Personhood amendment that Mississippi voters rejected during the general election two weeks ago, saying he would support such an amendment but only if the supreme court reverses its opinion cast in Roe-versus-wade.

"I am a big tenth amendment believer, but these issues that are as important as life, as important as traditional marriage for instance, I would support a constitutional change to our US constitution in that case," Perry said.

Perry, a one-time front runner in the presidential primary, has slipped in the polls and this week launched an outsider's campaign against Washington culture to steady his bid for the nomination.


Texas Governor Rick Perry



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