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Tea-Party Representative Explains Debt Ceiling Vote

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 02 Aug 2011 08:38am | comments
The final vote captured from House television. -AP

Mississippi Republicans in the House spent the day wrestling with whether to support the eleventh hour debt limit deal.

In the end, they stood with their party leaders, as Patrick Terpstra reports from Washington.

Some conservatives thought the deal did not cut enough from the budget.

Hours before the House vote, Tea Party-backed congressman Steven Palazzo was on the fence, worried about potential cuts to defense spending.

“I’m concerned. I’m concerned with the possibility of defense cuts, being that south Mississippi is a strong military district, being I’ve served 20 years as a citizen soldier. It just causes me great concern, the unknowns out here,” Palazzo said.

Those defense spending cuts would occur only if a proposed bipartisan committee is unable to cut more than a trillion dollars elsewhere by Thanksgiving.

Palazzo ended up voting in favor of the debt limit deal, as did all Mississippi Republicans, saying their concerns were not worth risking default.

Before a Tuesday vote in the Senate, both Mississippi senators planned to vote in favor of the deal.


The final vote captured from House television. -AP



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