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Supporters Discuss Civil Rights Museum

By Daniel Cherry | Published 04 Apr 2011 03:48pm | comments

While Mississippi lawmakers debate the specifics of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, many throughout the state were remembering the legacy of one the civil rights' most notable icons. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on what supporters of the museum are saying.

It's been 43 years since the assassination Dr. Martin Luther King Jr... Standing at the intersection of Medgar Evers Boulevard and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Jackson known as freedom corner, people gathered to remember Dr. King's legacy. When Clarence Bolls was 14 he marched with King. He says King's message which brought so many together years ago needs to be taught still today.

"We have to raise our standards instead of raising hell. We've got to start raising our standards on how we want to live. We deserve to live better than people that are fighting. We don't have to fight, kill, and rob from each other. That's a choice. Doing wrong is a choice. Doing right is a choice."

Many say having a civil rights museum is important to reminding future generations of that message. Representative Percy Watson says passing the bill is a milestone for preserving history in Mississippi.

"We're letting the world know, certainly letting the country know Mississippi recognizes that the civil rights struggle was a significant portion of the history and that struggle should be recognized, that struggle should be acknowledged."

Some like Ethel Mangum remember segregation vividly. She says having a place where all people can be reminded of the past is vital to prevent it from happening again.

"There was always ugliness. I couldn't go to an integrated school. This horrible history as we're calling it, it's true history. It needs be put on paper somewhere so that our children will know the truth."

Officials want the museum to be completed by 2017...Mississippi's bicentennial. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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