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State Supreme Court Denies Mississippi Power Rate Increase

By Rhonda Miller | Published 01 Aug 2012 08:25am | comments

The State Supreme Court says Mississippi Power can’t raise its rates. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports.

The State Supreme Court denied Mississippi Power’s request for an interim rate increase Monday, because the utility has an appeal pending with the Public Service Commission.

Jeff Shepard is a spokesman for Mississippi Power.

"While we certainly respect the actions of the state Supreme Court, we view their decision on our motion to grant interim rates as a loss for our customers and that will result in increased costs related to the Kemper plant."

Mississippi Power’s Kemper County plant under construction is designed to burn a soft form of coal called lignite that will be mined nearby.

The power company is seeking a rate increase of $55 million dollars to be used toward construction costs of the Kemper plant.  That increase would cost residential customers about $20 a month.

The state Public Service Commission unanimously denied Mississippi Power’s request for a rate increase in June.

The Sierra Club has filed a lawsuit challenging Mississippi Power’s authority to build the Kemper plant. 





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