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State Senator Alice Harden’s Funeral is Today in Jackson.

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 13 Dec 2012 06:22pm | comments
Senator Alice Harden served 25 years

The funeral for State Senator Alice Harden is this morning at 11 in Jackson.  The 64 year old Democrat died last Thursday.  Family members, colleagues and friends filed through the halls of the state capitol yesterday as her body lie in repose.  MPB's Lawayne Childrey has more on how she will be remembered.  



A steady line of well wishers quietly made their way pass the open coffin of Senator Alice Harden.  The senators casket  was gold and draped in an assortment of white flowers.  Former House Education Committee Chairman, Cecil Brown had high praise for the  former educator.


"It was clear in the negations on any education bill that Alice had a say so because of her knowledge and her passion for education because she was insistent that she be involved and that was great. She knew as much or more about education than anybody in the legislature. And I had the highest admiration t for her friendship and for her dedication to this state." 


During Hardens 25 year legislative tenure long time friend Dorothy Stewart, Founder of the Women for Progress in Mississippi remembers Hardens strong commitment especially to women's issues.


"Well she encouraged women to become active, to speak out to organize. And she always worked with all organizations helping to push us forward."


For Hinds County resident , LouAnn Jackson, Harden will always be remembered as a leader willing to tackle the issues  that were important to her district. 


"When you go and you do a grassroots campaign or a grassroots foundation and you go out and you listen to what the people need and you try to meet the needs of the people. And that's one of the things she did. She made sure that she heard the voices of the people and she spoke the voices for them."


Harden, a native of Pike County  leaves behind  husband, Dennis Harden. Senator Hardens funeral is at 11a.m. this morning at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson.  Burial will follow in Cedar Lawn Cemetery.   Lawayne Childrey, MPB News.


Senator Alice Harden served 25 years



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