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State Provides Assistance For Victims of Crime

By Paul Boger | Published 08 Apr 2014 08:17pm | comments
Crime victims in Mississippi have a number of resources to help them and their families recover. MPB's Paul Boger.
Karren Ewing's son was murdered several years ago, as a victim's coordinator she works with the Adams County Sheriff's Department, she works with families dealing with violent crime.
"So many family members don't know who to ask or why it's happening the way it is." said Ewings. "I had to learn that on my own, but since then I learned a lot of what I know now to help them understand."
As a part of Crime Victims' Awareness week, officials at the Attorney General's Office are trying to let Mississippian's know there are state resources available to help innocent victims of crime. Amy Walker is with the Bureau of Victim Assistance.
"You have a lot of financial losses as a result of being a victim that you probably don't realize initially that you're going to have. Whether it be lost wages, mental health counseling, medical expenses, whether you're going to have travel issues, whether you're going to have to take time off for court; those sorts of things. We can help with that."
In 2012, nearly eight thousand violent crimes were committed In Mississippi in 2012. More than 200 of them were murders




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