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State Officials Pushing Residents to Take Advantage of Free Online Tax Programs

By Paul Boger | Published 19 Mar 2014 08:28am | comments

More than 70 percent of Mississippians are eligible to take advantage of a program that allows them to file state and federal tax returns for free. As MPB’s Paul Boger reports state officials say filing taxes online help residents get the most out of their time and money.

Mississippi taxpayers are just a few mouse clicks away from filing their 2013 tax returns, and under a state program those who earned 58 thousand dollars are able to due just that for free. Kathy Waterbury with the Department of Revenue says a vast majority of residents can use the program.
"This is helpful for them to take advantage for getting the most out of. . . getting all of there money back." said Waterbury. "All of the credits they're entitled to get back, and it also helps people to file their returns on time without errors. It's a help to us because it helps reduce government cost."
State officials are urging residents to use the program because the software catches errors and tax credits that might go unnoticed on paper. Chris Long with the Computer and Communications Industry Association says there are also other benefits to filing online.
"You're filing electronically." said Long. "It can get your return faster, in weeks instead of days. Most cases 7-10 days you'll get your return back from either the department of taxation here in Mississippi or from the IRS. I think the system is safe, it works and it is by far the best way to ensure you can get all of your credits and deductions."
Officials also say Mississippi's public libraries and WIN Job Centers are some of the places low income residents can use to file their taxes. Mississippi is one of 21 states that offer free online tax services. 




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