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State Leaders Find Stronger Building Regulations Are Strategies for Survival

By Rhonda Miller | Published 11 May 2011 10:26am | comments
Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney speaks at the Coastal Development Strategies Conference in Biloxi.

With floodwaters raging and hurricane season about to start, leaders are working all the angles to come through these challenges a stronger state. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports resilience is taking shape in technology, attitude and the houses we live in.

All across Mississippi, people are getting weary of the string of disasters - floods, tornadoes, the oil spill, hurricanes. State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says we are learning our lessons well, and putting them to good use.

"We are better protected, in Mississippi, with hurricane season around the corner from us. I’ve been a staunch supporter of enforcing building codes," Chaney said. "A lot of people don’t like that, but you’ve gotta do it. We’re building smarter, we’re building better and we’re building a stronger home."

Chaney was one of the speakers at the Coastal Development Strategies Conference in Biloxi Wednesday. Conference Coordinator Susan Perkins is with the State Department of Marine Resources.

"Resilience is a hot word right now, and sustainability," Perkins said. "Resilience came out after Hurricane Katrina , being a more resilient community, being able to be strong and withstand what we face."

David Hansen of the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District is a geospatial analyst. He develops online mapping, generally, things like Google Earth or Mapquest. Hansen says, considering what the state is dealing with, Web mapping is helpful.

"Such things as FEMA and flood areas, they’re able to get out the word very quickly with those types of applications," Hansen said. "Also the flood insurance rate maps are being served out in this capacity."

With the angry Mississippi River causing trouble for weeks to come and nerves on edge as hurricane season heats up – residents of The Magnolia State will need all the resilience they can muster.


Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney speaks at the Coastal Development Strategies Conference in Biloxi.



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