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Spotlight Shines on Historic Turkey Creek Community

By Evelina Burnett | Published 14 Oct 2013 06:00am | comments
A new documentary tells the story of Gulfport's historic Turkey Creek community.

The story of Gulfport's historic Turkey Creek community is being told to a wider audience. Turkey Creek was settled in the 1860s by freed slaves. More recently, it has struggled for survival in the face of encroaching development and after Hurricane Katrina.

Filmmaker Leah Mahan tells the story of the fight for the community's survival in her new documentary, Come Hell or High Water. Though the community still has concerns, such as possible flooding as wetlands are filled in for nearby development, Mahan says something has changed.

"What's different is that they have a place at the table," she says.

At a preview screening Friday at Gulfport High School, senior Alliyauh Walker says she learned about Turkey Creek in class.

"It kind of explains how Turkey Creek is important to Gulfport, Mississippi," she says.

The film premiered over the weekend at the New Orleans Film Festival. 


A new documentary tells the story of Gulfport's historic Turkey Creek community.



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