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Special Session to Address Possible Auto Parts Factory Arrival

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 26 Apr 2013 05:45am | comments

Lawmakers will be coming back to the capitol today for a special session to pass an economic development package and attract a new auto parts factory. Some believe the factory could be as substantial as the Nissan and Toyota plants.

 Mississippi's lawmakers could be moving quickly today to attract an Asian-based tire producer to the northeast Mississippi town of West Point.

 Representative Gary Chism, who district includes parts of the town, says the factory could be a huge boost to an area that has struggled with high double digit unemployment since another factory closed.

 "I think that it is going to employ somewhere between 600 and 800 employees. It is crtiical for us to get in an pass this legislation," Chism said.

 Marty Wisemann with the Stennis Institute of Government says the Friday session is a signal to lawmakers.

 "This is the one thing we want to do. We want to enable this industry to get here and no more and no less. And pass it and go home. That's what he is hoping for," Wisemann said.

 Wisemann says the governor has crafted the session to prevent any discussion of Medicaid, which lawmakers failed to renew during the regular session.

 That will require another session before the program expires at the end of June.





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