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Special Election Tuesday For Nunnelee’s Old Senate Seat

By Sandra Knispel | Published 09 Jan 2011 09:27am | comments
Doug Wright is running for Rep. Alan Nunnelee's old state senate seat in a special election on Tuesday.

Tuesday will busy day in north Mississippi. Two seats are to be filled here by way of special election. Up for grabs are the seats for Northern District Transportation Commissioner, and the state senate seat formerly held by newly-minted Congressman Alan Nunnelee. MPB’s Sandra Knispel has more on the state senate race.

Six candidates are in the race for the state senate seat district 6, which covers much of north Lee County and a small portion of northeast Pontotoc County. One of the frontrunners is Doug Wright, a 43-year-old attorney and business owner from Saltillo, who says his priorities as senator would be to "do something to help attract business," Wright said. "Marketing is another aspect. We do not do enough marketing to companies and businesses even worldwide [and] you know, all across America. When they start looking for a production facility or to set up a new office I want them to look here.”

His competition includes 63-year old Nancy Adams Collins, a registered nurse and medical director of the Parkgate Pregnancy Clinic, who says three problems need to be addressed, starting with the public employment retirement system.

"If all those earned entitlements are paid out there is going to be a 20 billion dollar gap," Adams Collins said. "The second one is Medicaid. The fiscal impact of the healthcare act on Mississippi is 1.7 billion dollars over ten years. We can’t do that.”

Also running is 47-year old Mike Bryan, a Tupelo City Councilman and insurance salesman. South Pontotoc High School teacher and former Sherman alderman Stacy D. Scott has also thrown his hat in the ring.

“If I’m elected on Tuesday my top goal would be to create more jobs, to protect the middle class and promote its values. We can’t simply become a state of bank presidents and janitors," Scott said.

The remaining candidates are Melony Armstrong, a 43-year-old salon owner, and 45-year old Jonny Davis, a property manager and current Tupelo councilman.

Sandra Knispel, MPB News, Oxford.


Doug Wright is running for Rep. Alan Nunnelee's old state senate seat in a special election on Tuesday.



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