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Some Vicksburg Residents Are Calling for Increased Aid

By Daniel Cherry | Published 11 May 2011 10:35am | comments

As the Mississippi River continues to swell some living in the path of floodwaters say they're not getting the help they need. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports from Vicksburg.

Residents of a neighborhood north of Vicksburg sit by the street because all the homes are flooded.

"They're hollering about having some assistance uptown. Ain't nobody got noway to get to town to no food. Get some food down to us. They want you to go way over across town, somewhere over yonder. If you can set the food up there in ain't flooding over there in town."

Those are some residents of the King's Crossing community. They say no one has come with any assistance. One man had a pickup loaded with all his belongings. He says he's living out of his truck because he has nowhere to go. Paul Winfield, Vicksburg's Mayor says he's trying to let everybody know there is help available.

"We have been doing all that we can from the standpoint of local government prior to receiving federal assistance. We're prepared and willing and able to help, but the residents have to do their part and educate themselves and take some initiative and we're going to be fine."

As trucks full of sand stream into an industrial park to shore up levees Judith Stampley watches floodwaters creep towards her house. She says she can't find any sandbags to protect the home she's owned since the 1970s.

"We tried to get some today, but they were out so I don't know what else to do. Sandbags would help a lot."

And now she doesn't have flood insurance.

"I had it but a dropped it about three years ago."

President Obama signed a disaster declaration for 14 Mississippi counties...including Warren. That could mean help is on the way for Vicksburg including some of its poorest residents.




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