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Some Miss. Congressmen Question U.S. Strikes in Syria

By Paul Boger | Published 04 Sep 2013 07:24am | comments

As Congressional leaders learn more about the President's plan to use military force in Syria, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans are weary of any strike. And Mississippi's Congressmen are among them.

 A new Washington Post/ABC News poll says nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose launching missile strikes against the Syrian government.

 Mississippi 3rd District Congressman Gregg Harper says Mississippians are no exception.

 "I am finding that probably a higher percentage than that are opposed to military intervention in Syria. They think it will lead to boots on the ground, and they don't know that there is any reason to risk American lives in a country like Syria where we don't really see anybody there that would be an ally." said Harper

 Harper also says that he too is unsure of using military force in Syria.

 Who are we helping here, and how is that in the best interest of the United States. Those are questions I got to have answered for me before I can make an informed decision on it. I don't see any scenario right now where I can support boots on the ground." Harper said.

 Joe Weinberg is an Associate Professor of International Affairs at the University of Southern Mississippi, he says Syria is a bit of a wildcard to Americans.

"Syria is an interesting case, because they're not our worst enemies over there, and they're not our best friends. But for the United Nations, for European powers, the British and the French all have their own history in that area before us. Historically, what happens is that they enter into a little bit more trouble then they originally anticipated." said Weinberg.

 In a statement, Mississippi's 4th District Congressman Steven Palazzo said that he is hearing a lot of Mississippians say America needs to stay out of the Syrian conflict. He believes that many Mississippians have zero desire to enter into another conflict in the Middle East."





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