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Some In Vicksburg Doubt Flooding Predictions

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 03 May 2011 03:58pm | comments
Vicksburg Mayor Paul Winfield issues warnings about higher flooding.

Mississippians living along the Mississippi river are bracing for what could be the worst flood since 1927. The National Weather Service has raised the projected cresting height of the Mississippi River. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the some in Vicksburg remain skeptical about the flooding risks.

The new projection has the river cresting at 57-and-a-half feet in Vicksburg....which is six and a half feet higher than the flood in 2008.

That projection greatly increases the area that could be impacted by the flood.

Following a city meeting at the Convention Center, Nathan Skipworth says the new flood prediction puts the flood waters in his mobile home that he shares with his wife and a grandchild.

"We have been there 19 years and we have never had no water. So it is new to us too. We rented a mini-storage, they are getting hard to find, and I am going to have to save what I can," Skipworth said.

The city of Vicksburg has posted an interactive online map of the city detailing where the flood is expected to reach.

That is how Michelle Thompson learned that her normally dry Greenmeadow subdivision could flood....She is planning pack up and leave town.

"I have a friend that is going to load the furniture and stuff onto a trailer and maybe park it in friend's carports for now until we can do better. And then I have a friend in Port Gibson that is going to loan us a home to relocate to," Thompson said.

The expanded area now means that Vicksburg police and young members of Americorp have had to extend the scope of their door-to-door warnings to people living on higher ground.

Michael Jones lives in one of the areas now at risk for flooding but is not worried about making disaster plans because he doubts the water will reach his home.

"I can't say I worry about it because I have never been in a flood. But I have seen people like my brother (he) has been in a flood and I don't really know how people take it. We can't really do anything about it because it is just Mother Nature. I just hope it doesn't get worse," Jones said.

If the flooding does pass 57-feet, it would be the worst since 1927....a flood that killed 600 people and devastated huge portions of Mississippi.


Vicksburg Mayor Paul Winfield issues warnings about higher flooding.



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