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Snow and Ice is Melting but Hazards Still Persist.

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 10 Jan 2011 08:56am | comments
Mississippi becomes a winter wonderland

Most of the sleet and ice has left Mississippi but as MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports cold temperatures continue to keep hazard levels high.

From Copiah to Itawamba counties Mississippi Department of transportation officials say many Mississippi roadways received more than 8 inches of snow from one of the worst winter storms to hit the state in a decade.

"Northern, central and the Delta area, highway 82--you wanna make sure you drive with extreme caution in those areas."

While much of the wintry mix of snow and ice has already melted or turned to slush, MDOT spokeswoman Carey Adams says drivers should remain cautious as they venture back to work and school today.

"Even though the storm has passed over you still wanna be extremely careful because some icy precipitation is still lying there but we do still have crews out today making sure that they try to cover those bridges and over passes that may have some accumulation left behind."

As weather conditions continue to improve, Lewis Quinn with Drain-Go, a plumbing company with offices from Memphis to Jackson says the warming temperatures will remind many residents of just how powerful the years first arctic blast has been in the state.

"There's still a lot of left over aftermath. Homeowners will start discovering that today, a lot of em that went to work they'll come home and things will have thawed out. Of course if you've got a hose that's outside dripping you're gonna find that frozen and then when it thaws out completely today that's when you'll find out it won’t cut off you'll be calling for plumbers."

MDOT says it continues to monitor road situations but motorist are being encouraged to buckle up drive carefully, and report any winter conditions that still persist on roadways. Lawayne Childrey MPB News.


Mississippi becomes a winter wonderland



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