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Safety Officials: ‘Never’ Leave A Child Alone In A Car

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 20 Aug 2012 04:20pm | comments
Norman Collins

Two Mississippi children have died this year after being left in a hot car.Mississippi is heading into the hottest months of summer and MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports child safety advocates are warning about the dangers of leaving children in a car.

"If you are human being you have the propensity to forget,"

That's Norman Collins.

Last year, his son Norman Jr. was in a rush to get to a Clarksdale church service and accidentally left his three-month old son in the car on 93-degree Mississippi day.

"A member of the church who would usually come out to assist them; my son if he would get the baby out of the car. And the member did not hear him. And as a result my son thought the member had gotten him and the member thought my son had gotten him. So it was just a miscommunication and everybody went into church thinking the other had gotten the baby. And that is how my grandson was left there for a two-and-a-half hour period," Collins said.

The child died as a result of heat stroke from the intense heat of the car.

Since 1998 13 Mississippi children, including 2 this year, have died this way causing child safety officials to launch a new awareness campaign called 'where's baby: look before you lock".

Kate Carr with Safe Kids World Wide says in just ten minutes the temperature can rise 20 degrees and pose a life threatening danger to young children strapped in the car.

"For children, they heat up three to five times faster than adults making them particularly vulnerable to heat stroke. So we are urging everyone to never leave a child alone in a car. No even for a minute," Carr said.

Carr says place a reminder object, like a purse or cell phone, in the back seat to help remember to grab the child.

Norman Collins says his grandson's death is a stark reminder of how easy it can be to forget a child in a car.

"If I have to go through an emotional roller coaster to save another child's life. To save a family from going through the suffering and the pain that we have gone through it is worth it," Collins said.

To illustrate how quickly a vehicle can heat up Safe Kids Worldwide placed a thermometer inside a car.

With the temperature outside reading 86 degrees, the thermometer on the inside reached 155 degrees in just thirty minutes.





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