The runoff election for the democratic primary for governor is less than three weeks away. Both candidates are making their final push.

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Runoff Election: Candidates Making Their Final Effort to Win the Democratic Nominee for Governor

By Daniel Cherry | Published 03 Aug 2011 07:12pm | comments
Bill Luckett meets with voters during a campaign stop at McDade's Market in Jackson

In less than 3 weeks Bill Luckett and Johnny DuPree will face off in a runoff election to decide who will be the Democratic nominee for governor. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how each campaign is preparing.

It's been am long hot summer for campaigning, and the Democratic primary election is making it even hotter. Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree and Clarksdale developer Bill Luckett must face each other once again...a showdown to decide who gets the Democratic nomination for governor.

Neither candidate is wasting any time getting back on the campaign trail. Just hours after the runoff was announced Bill Luckett was in Jackson meeting voters.

He's calling for new life in the governor's office.

"I don't want the cronyism to go on. We don't need status quo. Status quo means first in poverty, last in education. We don't need that. We need good job programs, quality education, quality of life enhancements, and cut out all the political as usual stuff that's been going on."

The day after the primary election Johnny DuPree was back at his job as mayor of Hattiesburg, but he won't be passing up any opportunities to campaign. Sam Hall, DuPree's campaign manager says showcasing the mayor's record is their ticket to winning voters.

"Mayor DuPree clearly has the most experience. He has a proven track record of creating jobs in difficult economic times. He's never raised taxes as mayor. He's never had to cut services. He's never had to lay off employees. This is during the economic recession and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I think that's what people are looking for. The're looking for proven leadership and experience."

Both William Compton and Guy Shaw lost badly in the Democratic primary, but they did bring in about 60 thousand votes between them. The runoff could hinge on which way those voters lean. DuPree's campaign manager says both Compton and Shaw have offered their endorsement.





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