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Romney Raises Money And Support in Jackson

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 16 Jul 2012 08:10pm | comments

The likely Republican presidential nominee is shoring up his support in Mississippi. MPB Jeffrey Hess reports that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney met with supporters at a Jackson Country Club yesterday.

At the River Hills club on the edge of an affluent area of northeast Jackson, cars are lining up to pull into a private fund raising gathering with the presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

The price to the see the former Massachusetts Governor ranged from raising or donating 25-hundred dollars for a general reception up to 50-thousand dollars for an exclusive meet and greet.

The trip is part fund raiser, part enthusiasm builder says Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef.

"The fact that he is coming to Mississippi, even if it smaller type event. I think it is going to get everybody's attention and remind them that this isn't just something you see on TV it is something that we need to be involved in personally and we need to make sure that Mississippi is on board as it should be,"

Romney did not speak with the press and  supporters who were able to attend the event entered and left through the club's gated private parking lot.

The invitation listed many high profile Mississippi Republicans like the Governor, Lt. Governor and Senator Thad Cochran.

But not everyone was excited about the governor's visit.

Outside the club a group of undocumented students protested Romney's appearance and his calls for tougher immigration policies.

"I am here. I am undocumented. And I am here to make a difference,"

That's 18-year old Jacquline Hernandez of South Haven.

She came to the US at 9-years old, and is rallying in support of the so called 'dream act' which could extend citizenship to children brought to the country as illegal immigrants.

"I want to be able to be a citizen. I want to contribute to this country and give everything it has given me. I want to work. I want to have an education here in the United States. I want to travel. I want to be able to be free in this own country that I call home,"

Romney has promised to veto the dream act if it passed congress if he is president.

Still Marty Wisemann, the director of the Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University, says Romney has almost no chance of losing Mississippi in November.

"None whatsoever. If you want to lose some money bet that Romney won't win Mississippi. This is one state that despite the heat, he won't have to sweat one bit in,"

Wisemann says it is important for Romney to pay attention to Mississippi even though the state is highly likely to support his campaign.

The Jackson stop was part of a larger southern swing for is not clear if he will return to Mississippi again before the November general election.





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