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Romney Promises Gulf Coast Voters Strong Defense and Energy Independence

By Rhonda Miller | Published 09 Mar 2012 12:30am | comments
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, left, with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant at the Port of Pascagoula.

I’m Rhonda Miller at the Port of Pascagoula where Governor Phil Bryant introduced Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

"Well, hey y’all, are you ready to make some history?"

Bryant endorsed Romney and said he’s the best man to be the next president of the United States.

"He’s going to restore the honesty and integrity of the government in Washington, D.C. He will make it a presidency that we can look to with favor and love and respect."

With Mississippi’s primary Tuesday, Romney is hoping the Magnolia State will give him a bigger lead in the race for delegates. In jeans and an open-collared shirt, Romney stood on the dock and worked the crowd of 300 by first trying to soften his northern image.

“I’m learning to say y’all and I like grits. Strange things are happening to me.”

Romney positioned himself as the best candidate to take on President Obama with a long list of criticism for the administration. Then Romney listed his own plans to give voters more money in their wallets.

"What I’ll is cut the marginal tax rate 20 percent across the board for all Americans to get us working again."

On one issue that hits every American hard, the rising cost of gasoline, Romney said it is partly Obama’s fault. And with Mississippi leaders moving along toward offshore drilling soon, Romney found an enthusiastic audience.

"This guy’s gotta go. We’ve got to get energy independent in this country. If I’m president, we’re going to take advantage of our resources. We’re going to start drilling again offshore. We’re going to make sure that we issue licenses and permits to those that want to drill and get energy out of our own land and out of the outer continental shelf. And we’re such as heck going to make sure we get that oil out of Canada. Let's get that Keystone pipeline, as well."

Carla Castorina of Hurley supports Romney and says it's all about trust.

"I support him because I trust him to be commander-in-chief. We’re a Navy family and I trust his judgement on that. And I believe he believes in a strong defense. He has the experience in business that’s going to help turn our economy around." 

Tuesday’s primary will tell whether Romney reached enough Mississippi voters to help knock his competitors out of the race. 


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, left, with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant at the Port of Pascagoula.



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