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Republicans Hope Momentum Carries Into Next Election

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 03 Nov 2010 11:24am | comments

Republicans made big gains in the Congressional delegation on Tuesday, MPB’s Phoebe Judge looks at what that might mean for Mississippi politics in upcoming elections.

Three of the four Congressional seats in Mississippi are now filled with Republican Congressmen. Brad White, chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party says the wave of republican support which brought voters to the polls on Tuesday night will likely carry over to into the next election cycle which includes Mississippi state wide elections,

“I think the same things that people are tired of in Washington; people are tired of in Mississippi.”

Not everyone agrees, Sam Hall with the Blue Dog Group, a Democratic political consulting firm, says many of the issues that concern voters on a national level are much different than those that occur in their own backyard,

“I think the issues especially on the state level, they always come back to education, they always come back to economics, they always come back to healthcare here in the state. That is a lot different then healthcare on the national level.”

But Hall does admit that democrats will have to work hard in order to gain votes this upcoming election,

“I think it definitely is a signal that Democrats need to get organized, and make sure that we are turning out votes, because definitely republicans have some momentum coming out of this year.”

If that Republican momentum can be sustained it might mean that the Democratically controlled Mississippi House of Representatives could become Republican, and that would make all the difference says Brad White,

“Instead of the Republicans holding the executive branches and playing defense, we would be able to start moving policy in a direction that we could see the way that we spend money and the affairs of the state and the way that we appropriate funds be changed dramatically.”

Neither side is taking much time to reflect on what happened on Tuesday night, they are too busy preparing for next November.




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