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Religious Leaders to Pray for Victims of Sandy Hook Shootings

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 20 Dec 2012 06:35pm | comments

Governor Phil Bryant is asking Mississippian's to pause for a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning. It's in honor of the 20 students and 6 faculty members who lost their lives during  the shooting massacre  at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut last Friday.   MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports how Clergy from across the state  are remembering the victims with a day of prayer.

Beginning at noon today clergy from various denominations will offer prayers of healing for the families who lost loved ones.   One of those leading prayers will be Reverend Mat Taylor of Fondren Presbyterian Church in Jackson.

"I really believe that our nation is in mourning. I think that this horrific act of violence has affected everybody and not just one community. We began to grope and look for something to stand on some light. And that's hopefully what we can do as a worshiping community is draw together and search for that hope and that light and our faith."

In addition to prayer, Edward O'Connor, Dean of the St Andrews Episcopal Cathedral in Jackson says the  vigil also raises the awareness of safety in school, gun control and the need  to take a closer look at the way  those with mental illnesses are cared for.

"Because our systems in place I don't think are enough and I think that's where the heart of the discussion ought to be. But also to promote forgiveness and reconciliation so that we don't become sinister and angry in the wake of this but we come together as a community."

Prayer vigils will take place at 5 churches in the Jackson area and other churches around Mississippi.  Lawayne Childrey, MPB News.





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