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Reeves Beats Hewes In Lieutenant Governor’s Race

By Rhonda Miller | Published 03 Aug 2011 03:23am | comments

State Treasurer Tate Reeves will most likely be Mississippi’s next lieutenant governor with his win over state Senator Billy Hewes in Tuesday’s Republican primary.  MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports Reeves said jobs and education are top priorities.

Tuesday’s primary could put Reeves in the lieutenant governor's seat with no Democratic challengers in the November election. In his victory speech Tuesday night at the King Edward Hotel in Jackson, Reeves said he will work with people across the state to create jobs.

"We have to continue to focus on economic development. We have to keep upgrading our workforce and we have to get government out of the way so job creation can happen all over Mississippi," Reeves said.

Reeves said a skilled workforce begins with children.

"We have to improve our early education curriculum to get children off to the best start possible," Reeves said. "We have to put college within reach of every kid who needs it. And we must make sure our workforce is trained for the skills our employers demand."

At his concession speech in Gulfport, Billy Hewes said his campaign brought important issues before the voters.

"I’m so grateful to have had this chance to run for the second highest office in Mississippi," said Hewes. "I’ll continue to serve out my term the rest of this year, as a state senator, one of the highest honors I could have ever had."

Hewes said after 20 years as a state senator and a tough campaign, he’s not planning to seek another elected office any time soon.

"Oh, I’m done for a while now. I still have 'til the end of this year to work on some issues," Hewes said. "I will also be involved in the community or engaged in some form or fashion. I can't sit still for too long."

Rival factions of the Reform Party want to run a candidate for lieutenant governor. The state Election Commission in the next few weeks could consider which Reform candidate will represent the party in November. The Reform Party has never won a statewide election in Mississippi.




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