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Raytheon Adding 150 Jobs

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 11 Nov 2013 04:27pm | comments

A military defense contractor is adding 150 jobs to its Mississippi operations. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports Raytheon is expanding its Forest, Mississippi plant.

The company  adding 20-thousand square feet to to its factory to increase production of its military air and surface radars.

During a speech announcing the expansion, Raytheon's Rick Yuse says the company is seeing growing demand for its radars at home and abroad.

"Foreign sales of US military aircraft are the primary driver of growth for Raytheon, the industry and our country. The systems produced in forest equip Military aircraft in the united States and many of our allies over seas," Yuse said.

Company officials would not say exactly when all the new positions will be added but says hiring for some openings is already underway at its east Mississippi facility.

Plant Manager Bob Hildebrand says the radars save lives.

"We provide tactical airborne radars for the Air Force and the Navy. Those radars are used by the Air Force of air to air and air to ground purposes. And the battlefield radars can be for air traffic control or fire finder type activities to support the army," Hildebrand said.

The plant is expanding with the help of some state investment which Governor Phil Bryant says is mostly for workforce training and improvements to near-by infrastructure.

"We put about 8-million dollars into this for the 150 jobs that have been created. This was stiff competetition they have plants in Texas and California. Other states around the nation were competing for this. This is another large with for MIssissippi's Aero-space industry," Bryant said.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the plant opening in Forest, and Raytheon officials say the expansion represents a commitment to doing business in Mississippi.




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