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Emergency Officials Prepare for Inland Flooding from Isaac

By Rhonda Miller | Published 30 Aug 2012 01:13am | comments
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant gives an update on Tropical Storm Isaac in Gulfport.

Mississippi is still taking a battering from Isaac as the tropical storm brings floodwaters to many parts of the state. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina passed yesterday, with emergency leaders proving the state is better prepared to respond.

Even though no two storms are alike, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director Robert Latham said in Gulfport yesterday, Hurricane Isaac is almost a textbook case.

"We’ve spent seven years since Hurricane Katrina refining our plan. We learned an awful lot.  And nothing about this storm has surprised us. We prepared for it, we planned.  We pushed forward search and rescue resources in all the three coastal counties. We’ve got additional search and rescue resources located north of here, prepared to move into the southwest part of the state and the Delta should the rainfall continue and cause flooding issues up there."

Governor Bryant said 285 lives were lost in Mississippi during Katrina – that’s motivation enough to perfect the hurricane response. Byrant said yesterday no lives have been lost to Isaac in Mississippi. He said 34 boat rescues were made by the National Guard. And nine additional rescues were made by the Swiftwater Rescue team.  

"These rescuers have volunteered their time to leave North Mississippi, come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, put themselves in harm’s way to rescue people they do not know. That is the type of effort that we will see now all across Mississippi, as I am certain, and perhaps all across the nation, as we begin the recovery phase."

The slow-moving Isaac is expected to dump several inches of rain over many parts of Mississippi. In addition to inland flooding, Gov. Bryant said one of his greatest concerns is the human factor – that people will endanger themselves by going into the water or driving before it’s safe.


Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant gives an update on Tropical Storm Isaac in Gulfport.



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