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Pundits Weigh in on Their Primary Winner Picks

By Daniel Cherry | Published 01 Aug 2011 09:07pm | comments
Republican political analyst gives his picks at the University Club in Jackson

The U-S Justice Department will be monitoring Mississippi's primary elections today. Officials will be in 11 counties to ensure black voter's rights are protected. Across the state the polls just opened, and MPB's Daniel Cherry talks with the experts about their predictions in today's election.

Every statewide office and legislative seat, is up for grabs today in the primary election. Two popular Mississippi political pundits are giving their predictions on who wins the statewide seats. Republican analyst Andy Taggart says the hottest race to watch today is between Billy Hewes and Tate Reeves for Lieutenant Governor. He expects Hewes to win...but not by much.

""I will tell you that the buzz makes me feel as though the momentum that Hewes has enjoyed in the last two weeks has brought him a long way, really fast, to make up a lot of ground, and the question of course is: has he come far enough, fast enough?"

Taggart also says he's picking Phil Bryant to easily win the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The only contested statewide primary by Democrats is for governor with two main candidates. There Bill Luckett has more money. But Johnny DuPree has done more campaigning on the ground. Democratic pundit Jere Nash says that makes it a tough one to call right now.

"It will be interesting to see which one of those campaigns gets traction. Whether the overwhelming about of money that Bill Luckett has been able to spend will be enough to overcome a pretty effective ground operation in the Democratic primary."

So far these primaries haven't seen many political showdowns or highly exciting races. Dr. Marty Wiseman is the director of the Stennis Institute of Government. He says the most sparks are going to come from the Lt. Governor's race.

"Races like that between two very good candidates do tend to tighten up inevitably as you approach election day, and I think that's exactly what's happened here. I don't know anybody that's willing to make a call on how that's going to come out."

The polls are open until 7 o clock this evening.


Republican political analyst gives his picks at the University Club in Jackson



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