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Protesters Rally at Abortion Clinic Following Ruling

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 16 Apr 2013 11:29am | comments


Tempers are flaring at Mississippi's lone abortion clinic, following a ruling by a federal judge keeping the clinic open.  A federal judge is temporarily blocking a law that could have shut the clinic down.

Outside the Jackson Women's Health Organization in Jackson, anti-abortion protestors face off with abortion rights supporters in yellow 'clinic escort' vests while they help women into the facility.

A late Monday ruling by a federal judge is temporarily  block a law to require all the doctors at the facility to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

The ruling is a big let down for anti-abortion protestors like Cal Zastrow who wants to see the clinic closed.

"I am very disheartened that some people feel they need to murder children with bombs and ball bearings and also with surgical abortion. That is dissheartening to me. That some people dehumaize other people and commit acts of terrorism on them," said Zastrow.

Abortion rights supporter Drenda Hancock says she is energized by the ruling.

"I was actually here when we found out. Posted it the minute we got home. It is fantastic. I am thrilled. We are having a party see? It is great," said Hancock.

The clinic was facing a Thursday hearing which would have likely resulted in the state pulling its license, since not all the clinic doctors were able to get admitting privileges.

That hearing is now canceled.

The law is on hold while the suit challenging it goes forward.

The law's author Rep. Sam Mims of McComb says he is not sure what the state's next step will be.

"The Governor feels very strongly about this piece of legislation. So we will just have to see over the next couple days what happens next," Mims said.

The main lawyer for the clinic is less uncertain, Michelle Movahead with the Center for Reproductive Rights expects a permanent ruling within a month.

"The Supreme Court precedent is pretty clear here. And I think what the judge did is apply what the Supreme Court has said over and over and over. Which is that state's can't functionally block women's access to abortion care," said Movahead.





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