Prosecutors will soon decide whether to seek the death penalty in the alleged hate crime murder of James Craig Anderson.

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Prosecutors to Decide Whether to Seek Death Penalty for Dedmon

By Daniel Cherry | Published 31 Oct 2011 10:09am | comments
Deryl Dedmon at his September arraignment.

The deadline for prosecutors to decide whether to seek the death penalty in the murder case of James Craig Anderson is fast approaching. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how concerned citizens are calling for more punishment for all of the teens involved.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Hinds County District Attorney to make a final decision as to whether they will seek the death penalty against Daryl Dedmon for his alleged involvement in the killing of James Craig Anderson. The family of Anderson previously asked prosecutors not to seek capitol punishment. In an interview last month with MPB News, Robert Shuler Smith, Hinds County DA said they are looking at all options.

"That's something that we will strongly consider, but the date is a month or two away and we'll make that decision."

Some citizens are concerned justice isn't being done for all involved with the case. Gerald Rose from Atlanta is the founder of the New Order Human Rights Organization. He and others recently protested outside the state capitol in downtown Jackson. They're calling for the arrests of the other teens who allegedly had a role in the killing.

"You know and I know that if I got in a car with 3 other African Americans and ran over James Anderson who might have been white, I'd be locked up right now. Thrown away, in prison right now, but for some reason these other people have not been charged."

Authorities have not ruled out charges for others who may have been involved with Anderson's death.


Deryl Dedmon at his September arraignment.



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