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Port of Gulfport Announces New Tenant

By Evelina Burnett | Published 20 Jan 2014 06:00am | comments

A new tenant will move into the Port of Gulfport on March 1st,  the first new marine lease signed at the port in 15 years.

The port of Gulfport has signed a three-year lease with Gulf Coast Shipyard Group, and port director Jonathan Daniels says he's in talks with several other possible new tenants.

The port is in the middle of an almost-$600-million expansion project that it has promised will generate more business – and more jobs – at the state port.

The new tenant, Gulf Coast Shipyard Group, is based in Gulfport. Company president John Dane III says they’ll will use the port space for final completion and testing of six new offshore supply vessels.

Dane says the company will have between 20 and 70 people working on the boats, doing everything from painting and electrical to engine start-up and testing. The additional tenant should also mean some work for the port’s longshoremen. ILA 1303 union president Darius Johnson welcomed the news, saying that the job will help provide work for ILA members as well.

The three-year lease has an option to be renewed for three more years.

Port director Daniels adds that, though the three-year lease is relatively small -- about $4,000 a month - it illustrates the port's strategy of diversifying its revenue and tenant base. 




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