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Political Experts Predict Party Reaction To Presidential Loss

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 05 Nov 2012 05:48pm | comments
Andy Taggart (front), Jere Nash (rear)

Mississippi voters will be heading to the polls today not only to elect a president but also to elect a U.S. Senator, all four congressional members, as well as four Supreme Court justices and one judge for the Court of Appeals. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports, two Mississippi political experts predict how the major parties will react if their presidential candidate comes up short on election night.

After months of hard fought campaigning, Republican political consultant Andy Taggart says if Mitt Romney loses the race for president tonight, the fight over the health care reform law will heat up in states like Mississippi.

"Right now, a lot of conservatives and Republicans around the country are sort of banking on a Romney win as a way to begin unraveling the process of unraveling Obamacare. If that doesn't happen then think you will see states trying to push back in ways, trying to slow the implementation of Obamacare," Taggart said.

Taggart says if Romney loses, the race for the 2016 GOP nomination will also begin immediately with no break.

Democratic political expert Jere Nash agrees that the race for the 2016 Democratic ticket will also begin immediately should President Barack Obama lose.

But Nash says he does not think Democrats will be too upset, as long as they maintain control of the US Senate.

"If the Democrats maintain control of the Senate and lose the White House, most Democrats that I talk to say that is to be expected give what has happened over the last four years. There are not going to be any personal recriminations," Nash said.

Mississippi has one senate seat up for election, but it is generally considered a safe seat for the Republican incumbent.

Both Taggart and Nash are projecting that their candidate will win tonight.

Mitt Romney is a heavy favorite to win Mississippi's 6 electoral votes.

The few polls that have been done in the state give Romney a solid lead.


Andy Taggart (front), Jere Nash (rear)



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