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Opposition Continues for Kemper County Plant

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 04 Jun 2013 06:00am | comments

The northern district Public Service Commissioner is continuing his opposition to a power plant under construction in Kemper County, and the law that allowed it to be built.

 Speaking at a press forum in Jackson today Commissioner Brandon Presley re-iterated his opposition to the Kemper County power plant which is being built with funds from power rate increasing on its costumers.

 “Where is the outrage when it comes to raising month to month cost for businesses? Where is it? It is bumper sticker babble when you hear people talk about ‘I am pro business’ and ‘I am conservative’. Yet I am hush mouthed, and lock jawed and gone mute when it comes to raising people’s energy costs each month,” Presley said.

 A 2008 law allows companies to request rate increases in order to build new projects....Presley says that law is bad for Mississippi.

 The plant has run roughly $1 billion dollars over its original cost estimate.


The company, Mississippi Power, says when the plant is online it will be able to provide decades of reliable power from local materials and be a big benefit to the region.





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