Ole Miss is slow out of the gate in this year's football season. Athletic Director Pete Boone is in hot water with some of the Rebel faithful.

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Ole Miss A.D. Reacts to Pressure from Forward Rebels

By Daniel Cherry | Published 04 Oct 2011 07:11am | comments

After beginning the football season with only two wins, there are growing sentiments among certain Ole Miss fans for a change in the school's athletic administration. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how Athletic Director Pete Boone says he's working to weather the storm.

Speaking to a largely supportive crowd at the Jackson Touchdown Club, Pete Boone, University of Mississippi Athletic Director talked about a number of issues, ranging from baseball scholarships to conference expansion. Absent from the speech were the calls for his resignation and change of leadership from groups like Forward Rebels. Boone isn't a fan of all the controversy.

"Well it comes with the territory unfortunately. It's not good. It's not good for Ole Miss. It's not good for recruiting. It's not good for the things that we need to do to sustain us in a competitive and winning way down the road, but nevertheless, it happens."

Ole Miss has fallen on tough times lately, mustering only four wins last season. Lee Habeeb, spokesman for Forward Rebels recently told MPB News, fans are ready for change.

"Look in the end, life is about pressure. If you don't put pressure on people, they don't change. Pete Boone has been there forever."

"They're just looking to make a short term move. Take out the coach. Take out the athletic director. That's really not going to make a difference in the long term."

Leif Skodnick is a rebels fan who's not happy, but he says the current administration needs more time. Fans like the Forward Rebels critical of Boone are seeking a return to prominence not seen in decades from Ole Miss. Boone says if fans have problems with the program, he's willing to hear them out.

"My door is always open to anybody, and I've invited people to come by and talk. If there's issues that they want to talk about, fine, let me know. I would look forward to having someone come in and give me some specific things that they think that we could have done better, or issues, or whatever it is, and we'll listen."

The road isn't getting easier for the Rebels. They still have games against LSU and Alabama...the top two teams in the country.




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