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Oktibbeha Parents Meet Their New Conservator

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 01 Oct 2012 10:36pm | comments
Oktibbeha County parents.

A conservator is now running the Oktibbeha County School district in eastern Mississippi. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the former superintendent and school board have been fired after the state leaders declared that the district is in a state of emergency.

Hundreds of Oktibbeha County parents and students filed into the East Oktibbeha County High School to hear why the state took over the district.

Dr. Jayne Sergeant is now running the school district as a conservator, tasked with turning the chronically failing district around.

Dr. Sergeant says she wants to work with the families to improve the district.

"Even though Oktibbeha County is in some trouble with this conservatorship, we aren't in it alone. People want to help. Because what happens in one school district in our state impacts our entire state. So we want to uphold our end in Oktibbeha County," Sergeant said.

The governor and department of education ruled last week that the Oktibbeha County School district is in a state of emergency because the district failed to comply with 29 out of 30 accreditation standards.

Still, Many parents are skeptical of the decision saying it came as a shock that the state moved to take over the district.

Pastor John Johnson left the meeting wondering what the exact plans are for improvement.

"Yet and still, they didn't give us a plan of action of what they are going to do. Why? I don't know. But I am sure the people here tonight would like to hear a detailed plan of action. We know who the people are, conservator and all. But we want to hear what has happened and why," Johnson said.

Oktibbeha earned a d-grade in the most recent school district ratings, and this is the second time it has come under state control.

There are now eight districts in Mississippi actively under a conservator.


Oktibbeha County parents.



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