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Nunnelee Defeats Incumbent Congressman Childers

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 03 Nov 2010 11:32am | comments
Congressman-elect Alan Nunnelee (R) celebrates his victory in Tupelo Tuesday night

The First Congressional District has a new congressman-elect, Republican Alan Nunnelee. MPB’s Sandra Knispel was at his election party in Tupelo last night and filed this report.

"It is indeed my honor and privilege to ask you to help me welcome Congresman-elect Alan Nunnelee." (Crowd cheers, applause)

Heavy rain all day did not slow voter turnout, nor did it dampen the spirits of the 200 plus people who had come to the BancorpSouth Arena last night to watch Republican Alan Nunnelee take over the congressional seat held by Travis Childers since 2008. Cheering intermittently all evening, the crowd celebrated as early vote counts immediately put the challenger in the lead. Nunnelee in return earned a 30 second applause for this promise:

"The first day on the job, on your behalf, I’m going to vote to fire Nancy Pelosi!" (Cheers, applause)

Across the nation, a Republican wave took control of Congress, in a mid-term election that showed strong discontent with the Obama administration.

"The voters of the United States agree with us: tonight we reclaim our country," Nunnelee told his supporters. (Cheers)

Tori Nunnelee, a school nurse, is the new congressman’s wife.

“Feels like a dream, it does, " she said. "We’ve been working so hard to this end and now that the end is here, it just feels like a dream. I’m happy, I’m numb, I’m excited.”

Over in Booneville, defeated incumbent Travis Childers sounded clearly disappointed.

“I understand the great mighty wave, you know. That swept… I have not seen the numbers on who lost and who won tonight, but I suspect there were probably members of Congress who lost tonight who’ve been up there for decades. We never did intend to stay for decades, but we had hoped to stay for more than 1 ½ terms," Childers said.

Nunnelee said he does not know yet when he’ll move to Washington D.C., but once he gets there he’ll work immediately to repeal or change President Obama’s healthcare bill.

Sandra Knispel, MPB News, Tupelo.


Congressman-elect Alan Nunnelee (R) celebrates his victory in Tupelo Tuesday night



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