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Nissan Plans More Expansion in Miss.

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 30 Jul 2013 06:43pm | comments
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News

Automotive manufacturing in Mississippi is taking another step forward. Nissan is planning a major expansion at their Canton-based factory.

 Governor Phil Bryant counts down for state officials and leaders with Nissan to turn a shovel of ceremonial dirt breaking ground on a 1 million square-foot parts supplier facility.

 The new facility will be located right across from the current factory which is located in Canton.

 Nissan executive Dan Bednarzyk says the proximity gives the plant more flexibility and improves efficiency.

 "Building the parts that we put on the vehicles as close to our processes as possible is critical for logisitics reduction. Which is valuable to our customer for every dollar we spend," Bednarzyk said.

 The factory recently added another vehicle to its production line meaning the plant is producing eight different cars and trucks.

 New and existing suppliers will be moved into the park.

 One supplier, Rod Hill the president of Integrated Management Services, says the park is a sign of growth.

 "The bottom line to us is adding jobs. When we add jobs it helps us to grow. So when we partner with Nissan and when we partner with the suppliers that are going to locate here, its jobs to us," Hill said.

 Up to 800 people are expected to work at the supplier park, that's in addition to the roughly 5,500 hundred at the factory.

 The state is putting up $25 million dollars in incentives to help with construction.

 That is money well spent according to Governor Bryant.

 "Think of the jobs. The over 6,000 families that will be involved in this supplier park and that plant over there. What price can we put on that? The 2-billion dollar investment. The over $200 million in payroll. The effect on the hotels and restaurants. The growth that we have seen here," Bryant said.

 This is the third major automotive related announcement this year including the new line at Nissan and a tire factory moving to West Point.





Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News



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