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Nissan Donates 500K to Canton Elementary School

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 26 Apr 2013 06:24am | comments
Photo courtesy of Lawayne Childrey/MPB News
Students in the struggling Canton School District are getting a  boost towards academic achievement through a $500,000 contribution from Nissan North America. 
Nissan Vice President, Ben Bednarzyk made the announcement Thursday during a brief ceremony at Canton Elementary School. 
Superintendent Dwight Luckett says the funds will be use to focus on the needs of the districts at risk students.
"We have students not even at kindergarten level, if they're not reading at grade level in elementary school, they're going to struggle throughout school and they become potential drop outs and we want to curb that by putting the focus on our students at the elementary level," says Luckett.
Nissan's $500,000 grant will allow the district to hire two new academic interventionist. There job will be to provide targeted instruction and support to students with the most need.  
According to the State Department, of Canton is one of 20 Mississippi school districts with an average grade of "F". 


Photo courtesy of Lawayne Childrey/MPB News



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