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New Taskforce Will Examine Online Gaming

By Evelina Burnett | Published 07 Apr 2014 03:10pm | comments

A new Mississippi taskforce will meet next month to look at the pros and cons of online gaming. 

Mississippi House Gaming Committee Chairman Richard Bennett commissioned the taskforce, which will look at how online gaming is working in the small number of states that have made it legal.

Mississippi Gaming Commission executive director Allen Godfrey is chairman of the eight-member taskforce, which will meet in Biloxi in May.

"Chairman Bennett wanted to do a fact-finding study on internet gaming, the pros and cons of it," Godfrey said. "We can go look at other states now that they have it live and just do a fact-finding mission."

Godfrey says the taskforce won’t make legislative proposals but will look at whether internet gaming is working properly in areas such as under-age and compulsive gambling.




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