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New Presidents of JSU/ASU Could be Named Within Days

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 18 Nov 2010 12:24pm | comments
Two of the states HBCU's could soon have new leaders

New Presidents of Jackson State University and Alcorn State University could be named within days. MPB's Lawayne Childrey looks at what the search committees look for, when matching a candidate with a University.

Over the past few months Jackson State National Alumni President Terry Woodard has had a particular type of candidate in mind to lead the state’s largest historically black University.

"We're hoping that we can bring in a president that can lead Jackson State in this global society. Someone that can look at the enterprise that we currently have and see how can we enhance it as it relates to the betterment of our student body faculty and alumni."

Yesterday the State College Board's Jackson State University presidential search committee interviewed three leading candidates for the job and Woodard says it's a well qualified field.

"As the pool was narrowed down I think everybody should be pleased with the candidates that have arrived at this point, the committee certainly is. We've done a lot of hard work as it relates to creating the priority for the university and everything. So as a committee we seem to be pleased with how the process has run thus far."

Today, a separate search committee will hear from the top candidates for President of Alcorn State University. Higher Education Commissioner Hank Bounds says the committee is being careful to find the person that will best 'fit' into the Alcorn community.

"There really needs to be the right fit between the individual and the campus, it really is a marriage. And so we're looking at scholarship we're looking at someone who can connect with the alums, we're looking for someone that can understand the heritage of the institution, we're looking for someone who understands the role that athletics plays and on and on."

Bounds says he feels confident that by Monday they will be able to announce candidates at both locations. Lawayne Childrey MPB News.


Two of the states HBCU's could soon have new leaders



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