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New Poll Shows Tight Race for Jackson Mayor

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 21 May 2013 05:59am | comments
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News

Mississippi will be heading to the polls to vote in run off municipal elections. In the capital, The race to be mayor of Jackson has tightened considerably. The the two candidates are now separated by just a few percentage points according to a new poll.  


View poll here.


The race between businessman Jonathan Lee and City Councilman Chokwe Lumumba in a run-off to be the Democratic party nominee for mayor of Jackson is separated by just a four percentage points according to a new 16 WAPT poll.


The race has grown more intense since the initial primary with the two men fiercely criticizing each other at a televised debate last week.


Before the final debate last friday, a poll by 16 WAPT television showed Lee with a 14-point lead and nearly 50% support.


Since the debate, Lee's lead is down to four points with 12% of voters still undecided.


One of those undecided voters was Angela Griffin who says Lumumba's debate performance won her support.


"I really liked his answers. I liked his maturity.  I liked his experience. I like his commitment to community. And he seemed like the candidate that would be on the ground working with the people," Griffin said.


But Kimberly Mangum says she plans to support Lee because he is a new face on the Jackson political scene.


"With youth there comes a freshness and a vitality that we desperately need in Jackson. Jackson needs a comeback. It is the capital city and you couldn't tell by looking around," Mangum said.


The winner of the run off will enter the June general election as a heavy favorite against three lesser known independent candidates.


Polls are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm statewide today.



Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hess/MPB News



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