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New Oil In Gulf Matches Deepwater Horizon Oil

By Rhonda Miller | Published 15 Sep 2011 08:11pm | comments
Laurel Lockamy of Gulfport has been taking photos of whatever washes ashore on Mississippi beaches, including oil.

An oil slick being reported in the Gulf of Mexico is causing speculation about its origin.  MPB’s Rhonda Miller has more.

"As you see, look at my shoes, when I walk around I it, this is what happens. (What is it?) It’s oil, it’s on my shoes."

That’s Laurel Lockamy walking on the beach near the fishing pier in Gulfport. For the past few months, she’s been taking photos of whatever washes ashore, including oil.

"If the wind blows the sand off, you will see the oil. When the tide goes out, you see the oil. (What does it look like?) Tarballs are black you can stick sticks in it. When it’s hot out here in the middle of the sunshine, it melts.  I’ve got pictures.  It looks like chocolate pudding," Lockamy said.

Environmental science professor and oil spill expert, Ed Overton, of Louisiana State University, compared samples from the original BP spill and the newly-found oil.

"It was a very, very close fingerprint match, the chemical compositions matched, meaning the oil that was showing up offshore now came from that reservoir down there," Overton said.

Overton says he doesn’t believe it’s an indication that the BP well that gushed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf is leaking again.

"When the rig exploded and it ultimately sank, the rig must have had a little oil from the reservoir in it, as well as that mile of pipe that’s currently on the bottom of the Gulf," Overton said. "So I think there’s a little bit of oil that was trapped in that pipe, it’s called the riser pipe, on the bottom of the Gulf is oozing out and leaking to the surface."

BP and the Coast Guard have done tests and say the well is secure.

Oil clean-up is continuing along the coast and will soon resume on Mississippi’s barrier islands.


Laurel Lockamy of Gulfport has been taking photos of whatever washes ashore on Mississippi beaches, including oil.



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