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New Money Going To Expand Mental-Behavioral Health Care For Mississippi Kids

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 08 Apr 2014 03:39pm | comments
Mississippi kids with behavioral and mental health problems will soon have access to more treatment. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports two health care groups are teaming up for a first of its kind effort to provide care.
Less than 20-percent of Mississippi kids with mental health issues are receiving treatment.
Now, Mississippi Children's Home Services and the University of Mississippi Medical Center say they are joining forces to expand primary and behavioral health services around the state. 
With 5-million dollars in federal money, 11of 17 clinics will be expanded to provide comprehensive primary and behavioral care.
John Damon with Children's Home Services says U-M-C will be able to provide specialist via tele-medicine which will save families the cost and hassle of driving to Jackson.
"That kind of coordinated care does nto exist today, here or at any other state around the country. What we are looking to do is take down the barriers that have been a source of frustration for families," Damon said.
The services are not being provide free of charge, but Damon says they will work with families to provide care.
The expansion of services means there will be a clinic within 75 miles of every resident of the state with a goal of decreasing that to a 50 mile radius.




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