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New Head Named For Mississippi Department of Education

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 26 Sep 2013 07:51am | comments

Thirty-six year veteran administrator and Maryland school teacher Dr. Carey Wright has been tapped to lead the Mississippi Department of Education.

Dr. Carey Wright has spent the majority of her career in Maryland which  ranked first in the nation for five consecutive years, based on the 2013 Quality Counts reports on educational quality. Representative John Moore, Chairman of the House Education Committee says he's looking forward to working with Wright on helping to create a top notch educational system in Mississippi.

"It's very exciting that the State Department of Education has found a candidate that they think is appropriate to lead Mississippi's Department of Education, lead the reforms that are in place, it will be interesting to see what her thoughts are and which direction, she's wanting to go," says Moore.

In a written statement Wright  said she feels there is a tremendous amount of untapped potential in Mississippi. She also says it was her background and experience that drew her to apply for the superintendents position. Both are qualities that Joyce Helmick,  President of the Mississippi Association of Educators appreciates.

"I think that's extrememly important because she would the ins and outs and the ups and downs for all educators and I think that's of utmost importance and the other thing is that if she's stuck with education for that long and is still wanting to be involved, then she has a great interest in our children," says Helmick. 

Wright says she is committed to doing whatever it takes to help Mississippi become one of the finest educational systems in the nation. That's welcomed news for Nita Rudy, Program Director for Parents for Public Schools.

"It seems to me that there's been a lot of turnover at the department of ed and I would hope that she would strengthen the department and work with providing the type of leadership that our schools need, especially our schools that are identified as priority schools and focus schools that department of ed provides the type of leadership that will help those schools get better," says Rudy.

When Wright officially takes office November 1st, she will become Mississippi's  first permanent female schools superintendent. 








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