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New BP Claims Administrator Promises Claimant-Friendly, Transparent Process

By Rhonda Miller | Published 05 Jun 2012 06:53pm | comments
The new BP Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau, far right, talks with employees at the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center in D'Iberville.

Eighteen BP claims offices re-opened this week across five Gulf Coast states affected by the oil spill.  The new man in charge of administering claims is on a road trip to deliver his message that it is a friendly and transparent process. MPB’s Rhonda Miller caught up with him Tuesday at the claims office in D’Iberville.

"Pat Juneau, nice to see you...."

The new BP claims administrator, Patrick Juneau, greets each one of about 40 employees individually. As they gather around him to get their marching orders, Juneau reminds the workers they are there to help people get their claims paid, if they are eligible.

"I want you all to know, and feel very comfortable, that we’re claimant-friendly here. We’re servicing people and if you got the claim and you got the information, we’re going to process it, that’s what we’re about."

Juneau understands some people were frustrated by the claims process when it was administered by Kenneth Feinberg. But Juneau credits the work Feinberg did and says now there’s a meticulously detailed court settlement to standardize the claims process.

"I’m not focused on what happened yesterday. I’m not focused on what happened six months ago. I am very focused on what I got to do today, and anything I can do today to try to improve, modify, speed, address issues that have cropped up before, I’m going to do that."

The office used to be the Gulf Claims Facility, but now the sign reads Deepwater Horizon Claims Center. Casino worker Eduardo Deydiquez hopes that’s a sign he will get a different decision on his claim this time around.

"I'm just applying again with my claim because I was denied before. So I just came here and asked if I can apply again. And they said, 'Yeah,' so I want to go to my apartment and get my new documents."

The claims center is handling claims for loss of income and property damage. The center will also provide information for people filing claims related to injury or illness from the oil spill.



The new BP Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau, far right, talks with employees at the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center in D'Iberville.



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