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MUW Could Have Permanent President By The End of the Year

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 23 Sep 2011 04:21pm | comments
Interim president Allegra Brigham.

The Mississippi University for Women could soon have a permanent president. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the Institutions of Higher Learning is narrowing the pool of applicants to take over the school.

The search committee met recently to work on selecting five applicants to start interviewing to take over the Mississippi University for Women.

The MUW has been without a permanent president for more than a year. The chair of the search committee Christy Pickering says it has taken so long because they are trying to find the right person to lead the college.

"We think it is very important. It is hard to move forward if you don't have all of the roles filled. So we think it is very important and it is very important to find the right person for that role," Pickering said.

In recent years, the University has faced a lot of internal turmoil and questions about its future.

Becky Cade is an officer for the Alumni Association...she says the new president is going to need to have a wide range of personal and business skills to succeed.

"Presidents, whether is a community college or a university, they have got to be able to do it all. It is a hard role, and it is a hard role to find somebody that can fit those skill sets," Cade said.

Interim president Allegra Brigham has received a lot of credit for her stewardship of the school.....However, She is prohibited from applying to be the permanent president.

Brigham says the University is on much more solid footing now but still sees challenges for the person who replaces her.

"The budget struggle is one of the biggest problems, but growing enrollment goes along with that because as you increase enrollment, it increases revenues. Those two items go hand in hand. We must all look very seriously at that," Brigham said.

Part of growing the enrollment, in Brigham's view, is changing the name of the university to make it easier to market to a wider range of students.

The search committee is expected to pick Brigham's replacement by the end of the year.


Interim president Allegra Brigham.



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